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Anusch Alawerdian is not only a great dancer and choreographer but she has also established herself as a highly successful entrepreneur.
She is the founder/director of her dance school and an event-organizer. Together with her team of young, ambitious and enthusiastic assistants, she manages to turn any project into a success story. Her events have been covered by TV and many newspapers.
For more information about this young dancer, director/producer and entrepreneur see her full bio below.

Anusch Alawerdian

Anusch (originaly Armenian) is an internationally acclaimed oriental dance performer, instructor & choreographer based in The Netherlands. Her lifelong romance with dance radiates in her magnificent shows, enchanting audiences in many parts of the world and rewarding her with thunderous applause.

For the past 10 years, Anusch has been giving spectacular performances throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the USA. She has dance and rhythm in every vain and her happy heart is reflected in her radiating dance, captivating audiences with her sensitive and musical approach to Bellydance.
In the last 6 years, the United Arab Emirates has been her home where she dazzled the stages of the best 5 star hotels in the region, such as Fairmont Hotel, Intercontinental, Hilton Hotel, Meridian Hotel and many others... In 2012 Anusch has been contracted at the magical Arabian Nights Village resort of Abu Dhabi, where she performes daily during the year.

Before enchanting the Middle East with her superb performances, Anusch worked in The Netherlands.  She opened her own oriental dance school “Arevik” in 2002 and taught and inspired hundreds of students while also performing in a significant number of her own dance productions. 

Besides being a dynamic and creative teacher, Anusch is energetic and powerful yet at the same time she is a very sensual, playful and elegant dancer. Her stage presence is dazzling and carries the audience into a magical dream world of dance and music. She also performs with her Dance Company "Mirage" at a wide variety of events throughout The Netherlands and Internationally. She founded Dance Company "Mirage" in 2004 that has since grown into a professional dance company with talented dancers. Their shows are always received with great enthusiasm.

One of Anusch's greatest passions is organizing big festivals, bringing together an array of multi-cultural dance talents, creating magical evenings in sold-out theatres. Anusch has also choreographed and produced many dance shows herself.

In 2011 Anusch took her organizational skills to a higher level by organizing the International Summer Bellydance Festival(ISBF), which grow now in to an annual event!
This three-day event with so many participants flying in from different parts of the world has a package program with dancing competitions, workshops, open stage performances, an elegant open & closing gala and requires exceptional organizational talents to put it all together… and Anusch can do it! Participants come from different parts of the world and are all of an exceptional level. The festival is always in the old Dutch town of Leiden. 

With her extensive repertoire, Anusch frequently conducts workshops in different parts of the world and performs in theatres, on TV-shows, at parties, major festivals and prestigious events.
Through her passion for dance and music, Anusch continues to be inspired - “I couldn’t imagine a single day without dance and music!”. She is a true Bellydance Sensation!

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